Dr Esther Dube



Specialist General Physician and Specialist in Pain Medicine

Dr Esther Dube is a Specialist in Pain Medicine and did her training through the Faculty of Pain Medicine with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetist and a Specialist Physician in General Medicine having done her training through the Royal Australian College of Physicians. She did her training in the Northern Territory and Victoria.

Esther is a knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and outcomes-focused clinician with a proven history assessing and managing a wide range of complex medical and pain issues. She has capabilities to implement a holistic patient care framework in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams and specialists to manage patients and achieve positive patient-centric outcomes.

She has a particular interest in managing patients in the peri-operative phase of care both from a medical and pain perspective but also chronic pain patients who have complex medical issues and cancer related pain.

Esther possesses strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills with a desire to ensure patients have an understanding about pain as this is the first step to improving their quality of lives. She has capabilities to build productive professional relationships with
stakeholders at all levels of patient care.

She has a commitment to education not only of herself, but others involved in the care of patients from undergraduate medical students to those undertaking specialist training as well those looking after patients in the community.

Esther works as a General Physician at Northern Health and as a Pain Medicine Specialist at Austin Health as well as undertaking private General, Perioperative and Pain Medicine work at Warringal Private Hospital.

Special Interests include: 

  • Perioperative Pain Management
  • Transitional Pain Management
  • Complex Regional Pain
  • Chronic Widespread Pain
  • Pain Management in patients with complex medical conditions
  • Cancer related pain
  • Perioperative Medicine
Dr Esther Dube
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